Project Managers or Owners

Run projects the way you want

Waterfall or Agile

Choose your project methodology

We don’t believe that a solution should impose on you the way you run your projects, that’s why for every project you run with Cloud Coach we let you pick the way you want to run it.

The choice doesn’t just stop with how you manage your tasks & timelines, Cloud Coach lets your team pick and choose the interfaces that it interacts with, from resourcing to finances, finally a solution you can tailor to be your own.

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GEN 912 Waterfall or Agile
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Get Full Control

Of all aspects of your projects

Projects are more than just tracking schedules and at Cloud Coach not only do we support comprehensive processes, but we’ve baked it into the core framework of our tool so that you can manage all elements within one consolidated space

Summarize information with status reports at a glance. Manage timelines using best of breed gantts and list views. Store all project documents in one place. Mitigate risks, issues, and change requests with project controls. Find the best available user with integrated resource management. Track project financials in real-time.

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Save your time

With automated status reports

Keep all stakeholders informed with less effort on your part, with Cloud Coach project status reports, that automatically aggregate all your key project information into an easy to digest report, available 24 hours a day with no extra effort on your part.

And for your customers the Cloud Coach external view lets your customers see a read only view of their projects in real time, no more having to piece together data for your weekly status meetings or check-in calls.

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Drive Accountability

All the way to to the end-user

Cloud Coach’s intuitive UI is designed with end-users in mind. Meaning after task assignment, end-users are fully equipped to manage, collaborate on, and keep up to date all work that has been assigned out to them. 

What does this mean for Project Managers? Long gone are the days of having to “administer” your projects in addition to managing them. Instead, spread your project upkeep across all your project resources and watch as users update task status in real time allowing you to focus on the action items that really matter.




For less clicks in your workday

In your working life you’ve probably often wondered why can’t the tools you use at work be as simple as the tools in your personal life?

At Cloud Coach we work everyday to make that happen, with our ‘Less Clicks’ framework designed from the ground up, for everyday users of the solution, so you get a clean and consistent user experience that lets you do more in less time.



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