Your Salesforce Time Tracking Solution

“My Day is the most unique time entry platform I’ve seen… Those are billable hours. That’s how we get paid!”

Dan Quinn, Vice President Professional Services, Sovos

How to track your time on Salesforce

Our short explainer video shows just how easy it is to track your time on Salesforce using Cloud Coach.

Helping you drive better billable utilization

Your team works on multiple items during the week, so it’s important to give them a user-friendly way to capture time in a timely manner, so you get accurate data for your reporting and billing.

With Cloud Coach your team can track time on project work, support work, admin time and more, tagging each time entry as billable or non-billable to drive utilization metrics.

better billable utilization

Time entry, your way

Everyone is unique in life, so why should PSA tools impose a standardized time entry method on users? At Cloud Coach, we value individual preferences and offer users the freedom to choose how they enter time, to make the process as easy as possible, including:

  • On the record as they work
  • On their timecard
  • Cloud Coach’s Timecard Genius feature

Route and approve timesheets

Cloud Coach simplifies the process of approving timesheets, saving time and reducing administrative burden. You can even run your team’s time through an approval process before sending that bill out to your client, or recharging your time to another department in your business:

  • Approve weekly time sheets in a single click
  • Route approvals to the appropriate manager
  • Trigger business processes when approval is given.
Time Tracking

Take the guesswork out of time entry

Have you ever had an amazing weekend getaway planned at the beach or the slopes, only to rush out of the office on a Friday afternoon without recording your time? That’s exactly why Cloud Coach developed our Timecard Genius!

  • Never worry about missing time entries again
  • Recommended time entries aligned with your daily activities
  • Quick time entry to help you get back on track

Case Study

Sovos, a leader in software development headquartered in Wilmington, MA, transformed its Professional Services with Cloud Coach.

They streamlined time tracking, reducing it from one hour to just five minutes per employee, and gained actionable insights from project trends, all while ensuring accurate billable hours, leading to enhanced confidence in their regulated world.

Want to see Cloud Coach in action?

In less than an hour, let us show you why Cloud Coach is the highest-rated Customer Onboarding & PSA solution native to Salesforce. 

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