Project Management

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Why Project Management needed a new approach

Talking to thousands of companies large and small, about their project management needs, it became clear to us at Cloud Coach that project delivery needs are a lot more varied than is the case for other popular business tools. But while the needs of customers are different, vendors of project tools haven’t adapted. That’s why we took a new approach.
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Business Growth

Starts with a project
Whether you are running a marketing event to grow leads, onboarding a new customer, developing a new product, or looking at IT spend, every initiative that leads to business growth starts with a project.

Everyone’s Involved

Marketing, operations, IT and more
What’s more, projects are delivered by teams not individuals and everyone in your business is involved with delivering projects to some extent. Some work on projects all day every day, some once a week, some once a year, but they all are working on projects at some point.
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Projects = Ski Runs

Different users have different needs
Projects are like ski runs – they come in all shapes and sizes, and what works for someone who needs a simple task management tool definitely won’t work for a PMO. After all you wouldn’t send your three-year-old down a double black diamond!

Square Peg Round Hole

The typical vendor approach
Talk to most Project Management vendors and they have a single solution to sell. They spend time trying to force their solution onto you rather than offering a solution that matches your needs and requirements. There has to be a better way…
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The Cloud Coach approach
After talking with thousands of companies about their needs, Cloud Coach is the first to bring to market a multi tiered approach to project management so you can get a solution that is designed specifically to meet your needs, not a sales exec’s compensation plan.

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