Balancing Assignments with Resource Load

5 min read6th of March 2017

In this week’s two-minute video, the team discusses balancing your assignments using Cloud Coach Resource Load.


Hello everyone, Nic here from Cloud Coach. Thanks for joining us this week as we look at how you can balance your assignments using Resource Load with Cloud Coach.

We’re here in our Salesforce org, I’m on home right now and I want to look at my resource load and see exactly what my workload looks like for all my users over the next six weeks. So, for that I’m going to click right here on resource load, and that tab is going to take us into a reporting view that’s going to let me filter down and look at my resource load balance over days, weeks, or months. Right underneath it I have some filtering options, so I can decide who is it that I want to look at. I can look at everybody in my org; I can look just by a specific user by just typing in one name right here; I can do a public group (make sure that your public group has users and that your users are all active); I can look at the people I manage; I can do it by capability if I want to look at all my developers; and finally, I can search by locations that we’ve mapped people to, like New York.

Now, when you look at all your users you’re going to see color coding that’s going to let you know right off the bat how close are they to being overworked. Red, they’re over 40 hours, Yellow, they’re just about at capacity, and Green means they have more ability to take on additional work. You also have the ability in the screen to drill down and see exactly where this work is coming from. For example, we can click on Jack and see here these are all the tasks he’s been assigned, and in the parentheses, there is the project. Since we did this by weeks we can see that these are the next six weeks of his work balance, you get a total right there, and this is also going to show you your resource requests. So, any approved resource requests we can look at right here, and it’s going to show us the total for that and the work allocations. If we want to we can also look at ‘All’ and see if there’re any pending resource requests as well.

Okay, so that’s about it for resource load, a quick, easy way that you can go in and balance your assignments and see exactly what it is that they’re working on. So, thanks for joining us this week with the 2-minute video and make sure to come back next week.

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