Can I get a Portfolio View of my Projects?

4 min read14th of April 2017

This week the Cloud Coach team discusses launching the Cross-Project Gantt view from a related list, and answers the question, “Can I get a portfolio view of my projects?”


Hello everyone, Nic from Cloud Coach here. Thanks for joining us this week as we answer another question in just two Minutes. This week we’re looking at, “Can I get a portfolio view of my projects?” And you absolutely can by using our related lists and our Cross Project Gantt view.

So, as an example let’s start on our Accounts object. Now, Cloud Coach integrates with every object in Salesforce whether it’s a standard object like Accounts or Opportunities or a custom object. So, here in Accounts we’re going to start by editing our page layout and adding a related list to our Account. We’re going to find Projects and drag it right down here there. Now, one thing we need to do before we save it is we’re going to adjust these properties here, we’re going to click on this little button and we’re going to see Show Gantt. Just press save and we can go back to our account.

Now, I’ve already created a few projects on this account so you’ll see that when we go down to this related list. And because I did that Show Gantt button, if I click on that it’s going to take me into the Cross Project Gantt view but you’ll see here it’s automatically been sorted to show me just the projects that are related to my TechBuild account.

So, in this case because we did that Show Gantt button no matter where I have my projects related lists whether it’s on an account or an opportunity or a case if I go to that related lists and press the button I’m going to see my Cross Project Gantt view right here and I get a nice portfolio view of all of the projects that are related to that object. So, now I can see the start and end date, the completion percent, I can easily see any projects that have linked tasks on them and I get my management panel that gives me charting, details, chatter, Cloud Cocah tickets, meetings, and lets me allocate right from this screen here.

So, a very simple way to use a related list and that Show Gantt button to get a portfolio view of your projects. And that’s it for this week. Thanks everybody for joining us and make sure to come back next week for another two minute video. Take care everyone.

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