Entering Time Against a Case

4 min read27th of January 2017

In this week’s two-minute use case video, the Cloud Coach team discusses how to enter time against Salesforce Cases.


Hello everyone, Nic from cloud coach here and thanks for joining us this week as we take a look at how to enter time against Cases. Alright, so we’re going to jump right on into our org, and in this example we’re looking at a case that we want to enter time against.

One of the great parts about Cloud Coach is that we have time entry that works not just on
Project Tasks and Phases, but also allows you to enter time against Cases. How do we set that up? Well, we start by going to “setup” and we’re going to go to “quick find” and type in “Cases.” Now, we’re going to go down to page layouts and to edit our main page layout here. Next, we go to “Quick actions,” and Cloud Coach has created this created this time entry quick action that you can drag right down into your Chatter classic publisher. You can put anywhere in that publisher, but note that this does overwrite your default global publisher. You drag that right down here into your classic publisher, click save, and now we can go back to our case and enter time.

Once on the Case it’s as simple as going to the Feed and then right here on the top you can see we now have that chatter action, “Create time entry.” I can click on that, put in time, create a time entry right there, and once it’s entered we can see it reflected in our “Work” related list. And now if I go to my Timecard I’ll see it reflected in my time card here as well. And sure enough, there’s our case, there’s our time entry against it, and we can filter down in our timecard to look at just Cases.

So, it’s really as simple using page layouts and that global quick action to allow time entry against your cases. Thanks for joining us today, everyone, and I look forward to seeing you next week.

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