Managing Your IT Project Funnel

3 min read21st of April 2016

Managing an IT department is managing an economy – balancing the demands from the company with the supply of budget and time to meet those demands. Traditional IT project management focuses on managing supply – but Cloud Coach takes project management a step further to give you the tools you need to track, analyze and prioritize demand.

You need to capture inputs from a variety of sources, identify the most important to drive business growth, and then execute on those projects, layering them into your annual IT project plan or scheduling an unplanned project delivery.

Cloud Coach centralizes strategic requests from the business and streamlines the decision making progress based on project investment. By integrating Cloud Coach into your IT governance programs, including your IT Service Management system (like BMC’s Remedyforce), you have seamless tracking from intake through execution.

Top Challenges Facing Demand Intake:

  • No clear system for tracking
  • Incomplete information for evaluation
  • Difficulty aligning requests with strategic business objectives

How Cloud Coach Can Help:

  • No Clear System for Tracking Demand:
    • Establish investment requests from self-service portals, your integrated IT service management system, or manual creation based on emails and in-person meetings.
    • Track the entire project from investment request through execution in one system.
    • Identify strategically important but unplanned demand requests.
  • Incomplete information for evaluation:
    • Customize investments to deliver the information you need to evaluate projects.
    • Identify key stakeholders and decision-makers to approve the project.
    • Create continuity between initial evaluation criteria and final deliverables to ensure your project meets requirements.
  • Difficulty aligning requests with strategic business objectives:
    • Assign investments into appropriate strategic portfolios for efficient cost-benefit analysis.
    • Prioritize projects with the biggest impact.
    • Create programs for managers to easily see and manage what’s going on across all their projects.

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Cloud Coach is secure and customisable platform for successfully delivering projects of all shapes and sizes.

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