How do we make sure our teams time entries get approved by the right people?

by Nic Widhalm

In this week’s two-minute video, the Cloud Coach team answers the question, “How do we make sure our teams time entries get approved by the right people?”


Hello everyone, thanks for joining us today. We are going to be answering the question, “Can I route my timecard for approval by using Cloud Coach?” The not-surprising answer is you absolutely can.

Let’s jump on in here. So, we’re on our timecard, and you’ll notice there’s a button right here for “Submit for Approval.” Now, what this does is it’s going to submit your entire time sheet and send it through an approval chain and how you set that up it’s very simple. You go right over here to “setup” and we’re just going to go now to our approval processes where we can set up an approval process on our timesheet. So, I’m going to type in “approval” and right here you’ll see the object we’re on is timesheet—that’s the name of the object. And then all you need to do is create an approval process like I did right here.

You know, the great thing about an approval process is that I can go ahead and set up the criteria for when this launches. Here you can see the criteria I did, and in this case it’s just that the time sheet is an active timesheet. And then I can decide what kind of steps I want, and setup the initial submission step to go ahead and change that field update to “submitted.” I can send it through multiple approval steps if I want to, and I can decide what happens on the final approval action. The record is locked, for example, if it’s rejected it unlocks the record so I can make updates to it. Of course, when it’s submitted it also locks the record.

So, now I can go back to that timesheet and by clicking this button that’s going to go ahead and submit my timesheet for approval. We can also see now that the timesheet is locked, and if I don’t want to submit my timesheet for approval, if I never want to see that button, it can be removed. I just type “custom settings” in my quick find search box, and if I go to time options and click on manage we’ll see right here that there is a button for show submit for approval. I can edit and uncheck that button and it will completely remove that submit for approval, so I never have to worry about it. So, you get both options—you can either submit time card, or you can just go ahead and remove that button entirely.

And there you go, a simple process to just set up your approval process on the timesheet object. And once that’s set up, that button becomes active and you can go ahead and route your timecard for approval. So, thanks for joining us this week everyone, and make sure to come back next week where we answer another question in a two-minute video. Take care.

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