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Standard Success

The following standard success plan is included with a Cloud Coach subscription:

A dedicated Customer Success Manager

  • Check-ins – Regular check-in calls will be scheduled between key business stakeholders and the Customer Success Manager where any open tickets can be reviewed. Additionally, this time can be used to answer open questions, review adoption and goal progress, demo new features coming in future feature releases, and capture user feedback
  • QBRs and Annual Goals – Quarterly Business Reviews to be conducted by the CSM to review tickets over the last three months as well as the feature request status and roadmap announcements. An Annual Goals Meeting will be conducted once a year to align your Cloud Coach goals with ongoing departmental or business goals and ensure value is driven through the coming year. 


Product Support

  • Customer Community Portal – a dedicated Cloud Coach support site with access to case management, submission of issues and potential bugs, visibility into feature request status, and regular updates from Product Specialists
  • Product Specialists – A group of specialized Cloud Coach support technicians who are standing by to answer questions on possible bugs, log feature requests, and respond to general inquiries on the Cloud Coach core product


Weekly webinars – conducted weekly by the Customer Success team and encompassing the following:

  • Frequently asked questions – Questions that have come into the support team that week and how they were answered, as well as selected general questions from our online FAQ
  • General Q&A – An open session to allow clients to ask questions that may have come up that week and get answers and advice from Cloud Coach experts
  • Tips and tricks – Quick ways to increase the value of the Cloud Coach and Salesforce platform solution, including configuration tips, reporting walkthroughs, and general best practice advice from the Customer Success team

Full Knowledge Base – an online repository for self service that includes:

  • Documentation – articles on the core functional areas of Cloud Coach, including FAQ around the objects and best practice approaches to setting them up
  • Videos – Video demonstrations of common use cases as well as functional area walkthroughs.
  • Release Notes – Notes for each feature release, including write ups on new functionality, change management guides for roll-out, and videos and FAQs on any new functional areas


Annual Events

  • Cloud Coach events are designed to help you transform how your projects are planned, managed and delivered, giving you the power to grow your business across departments.
  • Can include road shows, conferences, and possible onsite visits from the Cloud Coach team


Release Webinars & Support

  • Pre-release webinar – A pre-release webinar is conducted for each Cloud Coach feature release, which includes a walkthrough of the new functionality, guides for admins on how to turn on new features, and timelines for roll-out and change management suggestions. 
  • Release Schedule – The release schedule of the feature release is emailed out to admins and business users and includes dates for the following:
    • Sandbox package: The feature release package is delivered to admins with the option to install in test environments
    • Production package for manual installation: 30 days after release of the Sandbox package, a Product package is made available for admins who wish to install the feature release in their production instance
    • Production package push: 60 days after release of the sandbox package, the new feature release package is pushed to all instances that haven’t already upgraded

Create Projects

From your favorite SF records

Premium Success

In addition to our always-free Standard Support Plan, we offer Premium Success for our customers who want to supplement their standard support with additional resources. 

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