Plane, train, car or bicycle?

What Project Journey are you on?

What mode of transport?

In everyday life there are many modes of transport to choose from, usually people pick a mode of transport that best matches their need, factoring in speed, cost and numbers travelling:

Need to pop half a mile to the local shop for milk…

  • Then a bike or maybe the car is your best bet
  • While taking a train or a plane would be a pretty stupid idea
Traveling from New York to San Francisco for an urgent business meeting…
  • Then a plane is your best bet
  • You could take a train, drive (or even bike) but you will waste a lot of time and money in the process

How transport options and projects are alike

Projects come in all shapes and sizes, picking the right project management tool is a lot like picking the right mode of transportation

Have to plan a marketing event, involving managing a small team?

  • Then a Task management tool is a great fit
  • While a PSA (Professional Services Automation) solution adds way more overhead than is needed

Need a consistent approach to Project Management across multiple business units and regions?

  • You most likely want a PPM solution designed to handle the specific needs of multiple business units and large numbers of users
  • While a Task Management App is unlikely to have the functionality needed for the solution

A solution for every Journey

No matter what Project Management Journey you are on, Cloud Coach has a solution to help you get there in the best possible manner.