5 Ways to Motivate Project Team Members

Brandi Johnson

Jul 14 2016 3 min read

When it comes to successfully executing projects, keeping your team motivated is a key factor in making sure everything gets done. Here are five easy ways to keep your project team members motivated (that go beyond pay raises and time off!)

  • Share goals. Let your team know what the goals of your project are, and what it means to the business. By aligning your team with your goals, team members feel empowered and passionate about working together to achieve those goals.
  • Find out what team members need to succeed. Whether it’s a flexible work schedule, additional training or resources, by finding out what your team needs and doing your best to help them get it, they’ll trust you and be motivated to work for you.
  • Don’t micromanage. Leverage communication tools like Chatter or Slack to keep all of your project communication out of email. This gives you the visibility you need to keep your projects on track while giving your team the freedom to work on tasks without you looking over their shoulders.
  • Avoid useless meetings. Meetings can be huge waste of time and drains morale. By having better meetings, with clear cut agendas and outcomes, your team can spend more time doing the work that makes their jobs better.
  • Celebrate successes. Even small achievements are worth being celebrated. Have team celebrations at key milestones, and celebrate individual successes as well.

As a project manager, your role is greater than just keeping projects moving forward. Using your leadership skills to keep your team motivated helps you successfully accomplish your project goals.


Brandi Johnson

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