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Realize value faster with our end-to-end onboarding program

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How do we continue to deliver a world class solution while also ensuring that our customers tap into its fullest potential?

Top Tier Implementation Partners

We partner with industry leaders who specialize in managing software implementations and successful deployments.

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Increase Product Focus

We then invest further resources into product development, product engineers, customer success, and our training academy.

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A Tandem Approach

With those resources, we provide Premium Success Consulting to run in tandem with your partner-led implementation, maximizing the value across both parties and their area of expertise.

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Accelerated Time To Value

The partnership approach leads to a quicker, more seamless transition from onboarding to customer success.

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Demo Videos

Watch one of our on-demand demos or schedule a tailored 1:1 demo

Interested in Cloud Coach Activate?

Whether simple or complex, our implementation partners are certified to bring you Cloud Coach solutions as quickly as possible.

Your Onboarding Journey

With the implementation fully owned by our partners, we can bring in our expertise when needed most.

Premium Onboarding Success

Alignment with best practices and Out-of-the-Box

With a Cloud Coach product expert involved, we can ensure that industry best practice, as it relates to our core solution, is incorporated and validated during solution design.

Ability to Scale

Our team of solution engineers not only have a wide range of experience implementing Cloud Coach but also supporting Cloud Coach post-go-live. Having a Cloud Coach expert involved will ensure that we consider the potential outcomes of solution design for the long term, not just project close.

Roadmap Considerations

The Cloud Coach team is most up to date regarding feature releases and upcoming product roadmap. As you configure Cloud Coach for your specific use of the product, we can make certain that your implementation of Cloud Coach does not overlap or contradict with where the managed product is headed.

Training Support

In collaboration with your implementation partner, Cloud Coach will help conduct the “out-of-the-box” training sessions utilizing our first-class training personal and documentation and consult your partner on any custom training.

Seamless Transition to Customer Success

Being involved with your implementation, we can make certain that we, the SaaS partner, are fully informed of your implementation of Cloud Coach and carry that into your ongoing engagement with our Customer Success team and potentially additional Premium Success.

Interested in Cloud Coach Activate?

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