The Basics of Project Reporting

Brandi Johnson

Mar 24 2017 5 min read

Whether you’re a project manager by title or just by function, you probably get tired of the question: “What’s the status of Project XYZ?” With project reporting in Salesforce, you can leverage out-of-the-box reports and build your custom dashboards and reports (using existing Salesforce functionality), you always have the answers to these questions. Plus, you can empower the rest of your business to find their own answers – saving you more time and increasing visibility across the organization.

Performance Reports

Project performance reports give you insight into how projects, tasks, and team members are doing in completing your projects and driving your business forward. Some important things that you might look at:

  • How many of my projects have late tasks?
  • How many tasks are not started, in progress, late, or completed?
  • Who is running late on their tasks?
  • How busy are my team members (i.e., how many tasks do they have assigned?
Project Performance Reports 1024x365

With Salesforce dashboards, you can easily monitor all of your project performance at a glance. Plus, with a click, you can dig into the details of the report and see what elements are driving your performance.

Of course, not all performance reports have to live on dashboards. We’ve also added “at a glance” reports to our project Gantt views and cross-project Gantt charts so that you can quickly get a visual update on your projects directly from the management page.

Management Reports

Of course, most projects within a business drive changes to the bottom line. Whether you’re managing customer onboarding projects that directly add revenue or IT projects that improve your efficiency, or anything in between, your management team will likely want to get updates on your progress. A benefit of an integrated project management solution like Cloud Coach is that you can build the reports that your management team needs to track how your projects are affecting your business. These reports are always up-to-date, so whether they are reviewing dashboards first thing on Monday morning to see how the previous week went, or checking in while on an international trip while the rest of the team is asleep, the metrics they need are right at their fingertips.

Some things that they may be looking for:

  • Value of open projects (related to opportunities)
  • Actual vs. Planned Spend
  • Project Earned Value
  • Risk Status
Management Reports 1024x510

Build Custom Reports

Of course, the real power of integrated project management that is native on Salesforce is the ability to customize reports and dashboards. While Cloud Coach comes with out-of-the-box reports, since all your project data now lives within Salesforce, you can easily customize reports for your business. Your account management team may need a dashboard component to show how many client projects they have in flight, while the customer success team needs insight into the risks that are facing project delivery. Leveraging Salesforce reports allows you to build all of these reports, add them to dashboards, or schedule delivery – based on your project reporting needs.

Getting Started with Project Management on Salesforce

If you’re not already using Salesforce for project management, you can get started today with Cloud Coach Milestones. This free application, available from the AppExchange, allows you to manage your simple projects directly within your existing Salesforce org. Get started today – for free!


Brandi Johnson

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Cloud Coach is secure and customisable platform for successfully delivering projects of all shapes and sizes.

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