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IT Department KPIs

4 min read9th of February 2016

Your IT department does more than complete help desk tickets. They also deliver projects and systems that drive the direction of your business. As a busy IT department leader, there are several key metrics you need to look at to measure the efficiency of your team.

Ticket Volume: One measure of the productivity and efficiency of your IT team is the volume of tickets that your team closes.  Using a help desk ticketing system, like BMC Remedyforce, can help you measure this volume. Over time, teams want to decrease the volume of tickets your team handles by implementing self-service portals that allow team members to help themselves or finding permanent solutions for recurring problems.

Service Level Agreements: Another measure of the effectiveness of your IT department is their performance against Service Level Agreements (or SLAs). This measures the efficiency of your team in resolving tickets. This is another instance where your goal is to reduce this metric – increasing your customer satisfaction. Many ITSM systems help you measure this metric by tracking the duration of time from a ticket is opened to the time it is closed. When your ITSM system is based on Salesforce, you can also use escalation rules to ensure that your outstanding tickets are handled in a timely manner.

Level of Effort: Level of Effort (or LOE) measures the time spent on tickets and projects. Measuring level of effort helps you visualize where your team’s time goes. The difference between SLA and LOE is an important differentiation. While SLA measures the amount of time that a ticket is unresolved, LOE measures the amount of time actually spent on resolving the ticket. Cloud Coach uses an integrated time tracker that can be used on your BMC Remedyforce incidents and requests, as well as Cloud Coach project tasks and tickets. This gives you a full picture of your department’s effort.

Project Performance: Whether you measure your project success based on on-time delivery, staying within budget, or both, project performance is an important performance measure. When you use an integrated project management system, you can quickly and accurately measure this performance. Plus, you can identify any projects at risk and take proactive measures to keep your projects on track.

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