Office Meetings: 5 Ways to Combat the Ultimate Productivity Killer

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Dec 4 2014 4 min read


A recent survey by reported that 47 percent of workers say meetings are the number one time wasters in the office. We all know business meetings are an essential, and give us the time to connect, but using every minute of that time efficiently is vital to a business; otherwise it’s just lost productivity.

By following our suggestions on how to effectively run meetings, businesses will benefit once again from company meetings.

1. Allot a minimum amount of time to meet – and stick to it

Instead of blocking out an hour of time in everyone’s schedule, try half an hour. Start the meeting on time, even if everyone isn’t there. If everything isn’t discussed in that half hour, end the meeting regardless; any additional information can be covered via e-mail. Make sure to cover the core topics near the beginning of the meeting.

2. Limit the number of staff that attends

As a general rule of thumb, the more people invited, the less amount of productivity will be achieved. Limit staff attendance to only key people.

3. Set the meeting goal objective ahead of time

Having a concrete goal in mind before the meeting will help set the mindset of the meeting from the start. Meetings are not intended to be discussions, unless opinions are needed, so make sure to stick to the objectives so your meetings are efficient and productive. The more you stay on task, the more your employees will too.

4. Specify the type of meeting you’re holding in the invite

If your employees know what type of meeting to expect, they’ll be able to better prepare. Whether it’s a brainstorming meeting, a policy briefing, or work session, make sure everyone is on the same page of what to expect.

5. Plan your meeting times strategically

The best time of the day to hold meetings is first thing in the morning. By holding meeting times first thing, that will avoid any scheduling conflicts and other distractions that reduce productivity. Afternoon meetings can interrupt work flow and have devastating consequences on productivity.

Meetings aren’t inherently unproductive, they’re created with the goal of productivity in mind. Unfortunately a number of factors can cause them to get a bad rap for becoming productivity killers. Fortunately, there are steps that can be taken to keep meetings on track and productive.


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