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Phases Now Available in Cloud Coach Professional

3 min read15th of February 2018

Cloud Coach Professional, the latest solution in Cloud Coach’s four-tiers of project management solutions, now offers phases to help you provide additional structure and organization to your projects.

“By adding phases to Cloud Coach Professional, we’re giving users even more opportunities to optimize their project delivery.”

Here are four ways to use Phases in your projects:

  • Group and Prioritize Tasks: With Phases, you can group similar tasks together and set priority within those tasks. Tasks within a group can be connected using dependencies. Tasks can also be connected to other tasks outside of the phase.
  • Better Reporting: Phases add an additional level of reporting available to users. Track phase completion percentages, the amount of time spent on each phase, and the impact of the phase on your project overall.
  • Create Milestones: Phases allow you to define specific milestones in your project delivery timeline. For example, you could require a sign-off on each phase before moving on to the next project phase.
  • Create a simple Work Breakdown Structure (WBS): With Phases, you can create a simple work breakdown structure from projects through subtasks.
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Cloud Coach Professional is a paid upgrade from Cloud Coach Milestones – the popular free project management for Salesforce application. Beyond project phases, Cloud Coach Professional gives you additional tools you need to manage projects for your business. Features include:

  • Easy to use time tracking – available for ANY Salesforce object*
  • Multiple resource assignments – assign up to five users to work on a task
  • Shareable external project view – let stakeholders track project progress 24×7*

Get started with a free 15-day trial of Cloud Coach Professional today.

*Base package includes timecards for up to 25 users. External project view is an add-on service.

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