Project Management Round-Up October 10-16, 2016

Alyssa Kirsch

Oct 14 2016 3 min read

70%: The Long-Term and Strategic Side of Project Management (PM Perspectives Blog) – Project management helps the whole management team to think long term. Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez suggests that managers currently only spent about 10% of their time on project sponsorship, but he predicts that this could drastically change in the near future. Read more >>

How to Write a Winning Project Plan ( – You want to make a good impression on your client and one way to do that is to have a winning project plan. Follow these tips to make such a project plan and also tips to follow up and stay on track. Read more >>

The Introverted Project Manager – Thriving with Your Introvert Characteristics (Project Bliss) – Project managers are typically pictured as someone with an outgoing personality who enjoys talking with everyone all day long. There are some great project leaders who are more introverted, read here for strategies for the introverted leader to be more successful. Read more >>

Best Practices in Project Teamwork (Project Times) – Projects are not feasible with only a sole participant, therefore project teams that can work together successfully is a must. Lisa Anderson shares five goals to make project members work as a team. Read more >>

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PMI Congress: Lessons in Leadership, Communication (Projects at Work) – The PMI Congress is held each year and many claim that the greatest benefit from attending this event is the opportunity to learn from world-class project managers and experts.  From this year’s congress, one of the main topics once again was communication and leadership. Read more >>


Alyssa Kirsch

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