Project Management Round-Up – September 26 – October 2, 2016

Alyssa Kirsch

Oct 3 2016 3 min read

Top Project Management Communication Tools (PM Times) – There are many planning tools and charts that project managers can utilize, so many that they may seem redundant or overwhelming. William Dow shares the 9 minimum communication tools a project manager should use. Read more >>

How Project Management Can Advance Your IT Career (Computerworld from IDG) – If you are currently in the IT sector and you are looking to advance your career, moving into an IT project manager role could be a good next step. Becoming a project manager can challenge you to improve personal skills like negotiation, time management, leadership, and others. Read more >>

Are you a (Psychologically) Safe Project Manager? (Easy in Theory, Difficult in Practice) – Psychological safety is just as important to teams as qualities such as empowerment, recognition, or a flexible work schedule. As a project manager you should encourage psychological safety by team building to make every member feel comfortable and safe with sharing their opinions. Read more >>

15 Benefits of Project Management – Your Value as a PM (Project Bliss) – Within any job role you may hold, it is important to be able to describe how you bring value to the table in the position you are in. Here are 15 benefits a project manager can bring to the table including organization and planning, team accountability, budget management and more. Read more >>

Five immutable Principles of Project Success and Project Failure (Herding Cats) – When managing projects we often look at the symptoms as to why projects may fail and not at the root causes. Here is a list of five unchanging reasons why a project is a success or failure. Read more >>


Alyssa Kirsch

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