Project Management Round-Up October 3 – 9, 2016

Brandi Johnson

Oct 10 2016 3 min read

The Art of Giving Feedback (Listful PM) – Providing feedback to employees or project team members helps provide motivation for better performance in the future. Giving helpful and constructive feedback is an art to be the most effective. Read more >>

10 Reasons Why Projects Fail (Project Bliss) – IT Executives anticipate that 75% of projects will fail. Project failure can happen for reasons out of your control but here are 10 other possible reasons. Read more >>

Have Some Ambiguity (Projects at Work, Registration Required) – Most project managers welcome clear-cut goals and processes. Likewise, they are uneasy around uncertainty, be it open-ended objectives or vague direction. But ambiguity can present an opportunity — to think creatively, to take a risk, perhaps, and try something new that just might lead to an exceptional outcome. Read more >>

Why Project Management in IT Industry Has Become More Important Than Ever ( – The Information Technology industry has drastically grown within the last decade. Rapid globalization has significantly amplified the capacity to accurately manage data. In response to this up surging capacity demand, the need to focus on effective project management strategies has become mandatory. Read more >>

Working moms – the Holy Grail of project management (Business Zone) – I usually try to avoid generalizations as much as possible, but when it comes to project management, there is one type of person that I grew to respect, admire and consider the best possible addition to a project, either as a team member of a project leader. This type of person? The Working Mom. Read more >>


Brandi Johnson

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