How Can I Track My Time Using Salesforce Chatter?

by Nic Widhalm

This week the Cloud Coach team discusses the three ways you can quickly capture time, including using Salesforce Chatter.


Hello everyone, Nic here from Cloud Coach. Today we’re going to be discussing how we can track time using Salesforce Chatter. I’m going to start on our project for Customer Onboarding. To review a couple of ways that you can enter time on your projects on my Gantt chart I have this task. I can use my management panel to go to Quick Time Entry and really quickly enter time directly against this particular task by putting in that time. Save it. I can put in whatever kind of comments or additional information I need there and I get this most recent entries that shows my time right there.

Now, another way that we can do that is if we want to go to the Project page directly. We have our project page for that same project right here, we have our quick time widget I can open that and I can also put time in, if I would like to, directly from this page. Another quick, easy way that you can do it from there.

So, time has been entered that way, but we can also use Salesforce Chatter. The great thing about Salesforce Chatter is I can do it on things that aren’t Projects or Project Tasks. For example, let’s go to this opportunity. We want to track time directly against this opportunity we can use Salesforce Chatter for that. If I open up this feed, you’ll notice that one of the first things that pops up is this create time entry. This is something that comes with your Cloud Coach package. I can go ahead and create time directly from here. This is actually the post but if I click on create time, I can put in whatever information I need. This, of course, is configurable so you can add in whatever kind of additional information it is that you want to capture. Then, we can see right there Quick Time Entry has been captured. If I go to my timecard, I can see all of that time directly shown here, in that timecard. Not just the time I put against my project tasks, but there’s that time we put directly against the opportunity.

I can track time against an account; I can do it directly from Chatter; just like that and, of course, I can also filter down if I want to see just the time I’ve entered against things like opportunities.

So, that’s it! Really quick easy ways that you can enter and track that time using Salesforce Chatter. Thanks for joining us and have a great day!

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