Cloud Coach professional services automation

Cloud Coach professional services automation

In this guide, we’ve discussed several areas of knowledge you need to know for running a professional service business. In each of those areas, especially where challenges are concerned, there are ways to use professional services  automation to help simplify a process or make it more efficient.

With Cloud Coach, you have everything you need to run a professional service business at scale. Those key features include:

  • Various project management methodologies.
  • Project templates and automatic importing from Salesforce.
  • Popular timeline views such as Gantt charts, Kanban boards, and list views (including cross-project views).
  • Resource management tools such as task and mass resource assignments, time-based resourcing, and skills-based resourcing.
  • Client collaboration with real-time project views and user interfaces.
  • Quick and simple time tracking tools, including Genius AI to record untracked time.
  • Easy documentation and doc collaboration tools.
  • Real-time and automatic reporting insights.
  • Project accounting and financials such as actual vs planned costs, profitability and ROI, invoicing, as well as project expense tracking and approvals.
  • Advanced business analytics tools.
  • A wealth of platform and security features.
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These features, and more, help address many of the issues raised by industry practitioners we spoke to. They also encourage finding the most efficient route to a successful solution as much as possible. However, let’s look at some of the specific benefits you gain from choosing Cloud Coach as your professional services automation and project management tool:

  • Improved project delivery times. When your team isn’t wasting time and precious resources on everyday tasks that are low-level and repetitive, you find your project delivery times can improve drastically. Automating administrative tasks frees up your employees’ time to do more billable work.

  • Better resource management and allocation ability. Without a software solution in place, resource management easily becomes a guessing game, or just a huge puzzle to figure out. Cloud Coach resource management solutions make light work of fitting the pieces together and allocating those resources out to different projects.

  • All-in-one place for project planning. When a business uses multiple software solutions to plan and execute a project, it’s very easy for key information to slip through the cracks or for miscommunication to occur. Having an all-in-one solution like Cloud Coach helps keep both you and the client accountable for planning projects and staying on track.

  • A better view of team or employee productivity. One of the key areas that help make projects profitable is how productive your employees and teams are that are working on them. With Cloud Coach, you have the tools you need to monitor their utilization rates and KPIs.

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