April Project Management Round-Up

4 min read2nd of May 2016

In our April project management roundup,  you can gain tips on how to manage change, key metrics to track, and best practices for your PMO.

4 Change Management Tips for Project Managers (ProjectManagement.com): For project managers, change is constant—inseparable from day-to-day life. And if you work in IT, the pace of change is only getting faster. Unfortunately, human nature makes us reluctant to change. So for project managers and others who want to make change happen, here are a few tips. Read More >>

Making Sponsorship Work (Projects at Work, free registration required): As catalysts for collaboration to providers of protection, sponsors can bring many benefits to strategic initiatives. But a hierarchical culture can severely limit this potential value. Project leaders need substantive interaction with sponsors that goes beyond review/approval and offers end-to-end engagement and support. Read More >>

How Can Better Project Management Affect Your Business? (Project-Management.com): A suitable project management ensures that less cash burning happens on behalf of more revenue generation. This creates a better return on investment made in human resources and tangible assets. Better project management affects business in two traditions as mentioned. Read More >>

7 Best Practices for PMOs (Projects at Work, free registration required): Gartner has identified seven best practices that leaders of project management offices should employ to meet new business challenges and demonstrate value to their organizations, from providing information that supports more effective decision making to developing the resources and skills to drive strategic change. Read More >>

Top Project Management Metrics Your Company Must Define and Track (Project-Management.com) Without measuring your project, you have virtually no chance of knowing whether it was a success or failure, and whether you’re headed in the right direction. Project management today relies on access to a host of data and metrics, all of which support fact-based decision-making and help managers to optimize every phase of the project. Read More >>

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