July Project Management Round-Up

Brandi Johnson

Aug 2 2016 5 min read

In the July Project Management Round-Up, you will learn tools to make your communication trustworthy and how to reduce distractions in your work.

How I Do It: Communication Tools and Tips (A Girl’s Guide to Project Management): During a project, communicating with the stakeholders is vital, and there are different strategies from face-to-face meetings, phone calls, or emails. Elizabeth Harrin shares her favorite communication tools, tips on getting the right tone, and persuasion tools. Read more >>

Beginners Guide: The Most Important Project Team Member The Project Champion (Project News Today): The project champion can turn out to be a huge key to the success of a project from motivating the team to keeping the project on task. The project Champion will make a difference because he or she understands the vision of the project, is able to make decisions and will stand up for the project team. Read more>>

A Surefire Way of Delivering What You Set Out to Deliver in Your Next Project Plan (PM Times): Planning every single detail for a project seems like it is the solution to making sure a project will complete but this isn’t always a guarantee. Mark Broadbent recommends that the surefire way to make sure your project comes out as planned, is to start off with defining what you want the end product to be, and if your team has a clear end goal, the planning for driven project will be more successful. Read more>>

8 Ways to Make Your Communication Trustworthy (Project-Management.com): As we all know, communication is critical to the success of a project, and as a project manager, it is crucial to make your communication trustworthy.  Here are 8 tips to have communication to help influence a positive working environment. Read more>>

Overcome Distractions: 7 Tips (Bright Work): Weather in a project or not, there are always big distractions.  McGuinness shares 7 tips on reducing distractions. Major distractions include; your perceived perception of the ability to multitask, being overly connected, and even email can become a distraction.Read more>>

From the Archives: 4 Key Project Monitoring Steps to Help You Succeed (PM Times): Project monitoring is a must for any project, because the data collected can help you to determine where and why a project may have gotten off track. When you begin to monitor a project there are 4 simple steps; a plan on how to track monitoring, reporting, future action recommendations and confirming these actions have been taken. Read more>>

5 Reasons Why Robots Will Never Manage Projects (CIO): Even with robots seeming to be the future, they may never be able to manage projects.  As a project manager will know, some clients and customers need a personal touch, and all decisions are not black and white and robots may never have the capability to accomplish these simple requirements. Read more>>


Brandi Johnson

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