Project Management Round-Up – August 8-14, 2016

Brandi Johnson

Aug 15 2016 4 min read

What Does Good Look Like in IT Project Management? – When it comes to project management, good is not always good enough. Even as a project manager your “good” probably results in failure quite often.  David Cotgreave shares three pillars of great project management. Read more from CIO >>

How to Be a Productive Project Manager: 7 Tips – Project managers often work overtime and feel no progress, finding that they stumble across issues such as managing issues more than planning for the future or even feeling too overwhelmed with work that they can’t individually handle.  Harry Hall shares seven tips to overcome common problems that project managers encounter often. Read more from the Project Management Hut >>

Using Outlook to Help Keep Yourself Organized – Staying organized is key to any project manager especially those who are managing multiple projects at one time. Rochelle shares some tips on how to keep herself organized through Outlook and how those same tips can work with other project management organization strategies. Read more from Listful PM >>

5 Newest Trends in Project Management – Business used to be strictly organized with a clear hierarchy, but recently this has been shifting. This shift even affects how we manage projects.  Changing trends such as rethinking the management structure and opening up communication can help project managers adapt and be successful. Read more from >>

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9 Things Great Project Leaders do Every Day – Every project manager may do things a little differently, but there are a few habits that every great project manager seems to do each day. Great leaders do things like appreciate others, remain flexible and even more habits across the board.  Read more from CIO >>

4 Signs You Need a Different Project Management Tool – Even if you have invested time and resources into a project management tool, does not mean you have to use that tool forever, times and needs change.  If you are facing issues like communication isn’t happening, or you never seem to progress on a project, then maybe it is time to consider a new tool to help you out. Read more from PM Times >>


Brandi Johnson

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