Project Management Round-Up – September 12-18, 2016

Brandi Johnson

Sep 18 2016 3 min read

Top 5 Ways to Achieve Peak Performance (Project Bliss) – In any aspect of your life or in managing your projects, everyone has their methods to be successful. Leigh Espy shares five tips to achieve peak performance including taking care of yourself physically and mentally. Read more >>

Project Management: To Debrief or Not to Debrief (CIO) – At the completion of a project, project managers must decide if a debriefing meeting is efficient or not. CIO shares nine topics to consider for debriefing meetings and tips on how to effectively run these meetings. Read more>>

Politics and Projects (Projects at Work) – The political landscape within an organization and even within a project team can become a slippery slope. Learning to navigate the politics of a project will help you to manage your success. Read more >>

Management Checklist: 30 Things Best Managers Know and Do ( – Successful project management means working through the chaos and creating habits. Here are 30 checklist items for the best project managers. Read more >>

Who is Driving the Bus? Part 2 (Project Times) – One of the most important things a project manager will do is steer the team in the right direction, or “drive the bus.” As the manager or bus driver, you also need to ensure that your bus is filled with the right team members to have a successful project. Read more >>

Bonus! Agile Will Never Work Here (Better Projects): Agile challenges the traditional structure of project management and sometimes this disruption of the cultural structure is not accepted in places like Asia, Germany, and Argentina. Not only does agile project management not fit into some countries, but it also will not fit into some industries who rely on heavy structure and value the waterfall method. Read more >>


Brandi Johnson

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