Project Management Round-Up – September 5 – 11, 2016

Brandi Johnson

Sep 11 2016 3 min read

Use Reverse Engineering to Help Users Set Requirements for Big Software Purchases (CIO) – Typically users for a new software are used to help define the requirements for the software. This may not always be the most effective because users may only define current processes instead of improving functionality. Read more >>

Empathy and Respect: What Makes Teams Great (Pawel Brodzinski) – When selecting project teams, project managers often argue that trading technical skills for social perspectives is not worth it because strong teams need strong skills. Pawel Brodzinski shares research that proves the opposite of this theory and argues that empathy and respect are the two most important skills that team members need. Read more >>

5 Ways to Utilize Lessons Learned After a Project ( – During a project, team members often come up with ideas on how to run a similar project better the next time around, but these lessons learned are often forgotten. These five tips could help any project manager to share the lessons learned with the team and to utilize these ideas for future project executions. Read more >>

Here’s Your Deadline! (PM Student) – Project deadlines are like the sun rising in the morning; they will come whether you are ready or not. Planning for a deadline is crucial to preparing for that deadline, because like it or not, the deadline will still come even if you aren’t ready. Read more>>

Having a “No Waste” Mentality (Listful PM)- Wasted time is never helpful, and as a project manager time is one of the biggest assets you can have. Here are some tips on what to do and what not to do to help save time in your projects. Read more >>


Brandi Johnson

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