Project Management RoundUp – August 1-7, 2016

4 min read6th of August 2016

Get Your Project Team Back on Track – Use a Team Charter  – A project team may get off track for some reasons but structuring the direction of the project by defining project a purpose, deliverables, team ground rules and a team purpose will help prevent this problem. Dana Brownlee shares how to construct and draft a team charter which includes all of these aspects and much more. Read more from PM Times >>

How to Keep Your Project in a State of Happiness – At the beginning of a project the team is excited to get started and morale is high, but these feelings may change as the project progresses. These five triggers could lead to a change in attitude towards the project. Knowing how to manage these triggers will keep your team members happy and excited. Read more from CIO >>

Beginners Guide: What does a Business Analyst Do?  – A business analyst is the one who owns the requirements list of a project, and he or she works out the plans to deliver a final product at the end of a project. A good business analyst understands the project goals, provides clarity for the team and ultimately makes project management easy. Read more from Project News Today >>

The Importance of Process Thinking – A process is a set of defined steps used to reach an end goal, and process thinking will impact the success of managing a project. Processes add value and help coordinate activities between departments and Greg Pitagorsky shares why standardizing these process is important.  Read more from PM Times >>

What Sports Can Teach Your Team – Ther’s no shortage of sports references in corporate conversation – especially when you’re discussing team management. In “Great Teams: 16 Things High Performing Organizations Do Differently,” Don Yaeger points out what today’s business leaders can learn from successful sports franchises. Read more from Projects at Work (registration required) >>

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